At Ren’s Ramen, we use  wavy noodles of medium thickness made by Nishiyama Noodles in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Their noodles are made meticulously from ingredients of superior quality. We have them shipped directly to us.

We age the noodles at the right temperature and humidity to bring our their best flavor and texture. We pay close attention to this aging process and serve the noodles at their peak

signage18x24 and 24x48-02“Sapporo Style” ramen is satisfying enough to be eaten as a main dish , and characteristically each serving is prepared in a work. (Originally, Kyushu or Tokyo style ramen was eaten as snack between meals or late at night)

To make our Sapporo style  ramen, we heat oil, flavored with roasted garlic and onion, and stir-fry grated garlic and ground meat.

To this, we add your choice of flavor concentrate (miso, salt or soy sauce to choose from), special spices and the “tonkotsu” pork broth. This method adds more depth and body to the bowl of ramen, which is then served with generous amount of vegetable.